BLK0001 (Block pillow for 1" shaft normal duty with set screw locking UCP-205-16)

BRG0001 (Bearing bayonet thrust 5.5"o.d.x2.76"i.d.x.25" (per print))

BRG0002 (Bearing FAG 6212-C3)

BRG0003 (Bearing two-bolt flange with 1" shaft dia. normal duty with set screw UC...

BRG0004 (Bearing take-up w/ set screw collar for a 2" shaft)

BRG0005 (Bearing insert seal master 2-15/16 bore)

BRG0028 (Bearing 1-1/2" hex bore 3.3465"o.d. 1.1811" inner race width .7480" outer race width)

BRG0029 (Bearing 1-1/8" hex bore 2.83"o.d. .98" inner race width .66" outer race width (1688 case combine)

BRG0030 (Bearing 7/8" hex bore 2.04"o.d. 1" inner race width .59" outer race

BRG0032 (Bearing spherical insert 1" inner race 52mm od. 15mm wide)

BSG0001 (Bushing oiled 3/8odx1/4idx3/4L P26-6 or AA307-11)

BSG0002 (Bushing oiled 3/8odx1/4idx1/2L P26-4 or AA307-3)

BSG0003 (Bushing oiled 3/8odx1/4idx1 1/4L P26-10 or AA304-11)

BSG0004 (Bushing oiled 3/8odx1/4idx1 1/8L)

BSG0005 (1.252o.d.x1.002i.d.x.875L)

Name *

BSG0012 (Bushing oiled 9/16odx3/8idx1/2L FL39-4)

BSG0013 (Bushing oilite 2.502/2.504ID x 2.878/2.880OD x .365/.375 LG)

BSG0014 (Bushing oilite 2.002/2.003ID x 2.502/2.503OD x .365/.375LG)

BSG0017 (Bushing ceramic half moon 1 7/16"o.d. x 11/16"i.d.)

BSG0018 (Bushing .75ID x 1.00OD x 1.00 Long)

BSG0019 (Bushing 3/8ID x 9/16OD x 1/2 Long with flange)

BSG0022 (Bushing aluminum bronze 2.50" x 2.878" x 1.50"  w/ figure 8 greese groove)

BSG0024 (Bushing platen Alum. bronze 954 4.005I.D. x 4.753O.D. x 8.000 Long w/ grease grooves per print)

BSG0100 (Bushing 3/16 cast iron taper-lock with standard 1/2" key #2517-2 gates)

BSG0101 (Bushing cast iron taper-lock with standard key 10mm #1610-35mm gates)

BSG0102 (Bushing taperlock 2517X55MM)

BSG0103 (Bushing split QD 2-1/8")

BSG0104 (Bushing QD split 2")

BSG0105 (Bushing split QD 1-7/8)

BSG0106 (Bushing QD split 1-15/16)

CAM0001 (Cam/yoke followers 2" w/ hex)

KIT0011 (Kit Black Ace includes; (1) bearing (2) metal protectors (1) snap ring (1) bushing)

WAS0002 (Washer thrust bronze sae660 4.02/4.01"x6"x3/8")

WAS0003 (Washer thrust bronze sae660 4.02/4.01"x6"x1/4")

WAS0013 (Washer thrust bronze oil impregnated 4" I.D. x 6" O.D. x .31")

WHL0001 (Wheel bishop wisecarver dualvee specialty guide wheel 2.36"o.d.  .5906" ...