BAY0001 (Bayonet adaptor 1" long 1/8"npt)

BAY0002 (Bayonet adaptor 2" long 1/8"npt)

CNT0002 (Controller temp. 1/16din, 1 output, 120v)

CUR0001 (Curtain material fiberglass cloth w/foil 50yds/roll)

GAU0013 (Gauge Temp. 3" back mount 1/2"NPT glass lens)

HTR0001 (Heater cal rod 3600w 240v 81" incoloy sheath length two retaining rings ...

HTR0002 (Heater cal rod 3000w 480v 69 3/8" incoloy sheath length two retaining ri...

HTR0003 (Heater utu cal rod 6800w 480v 74" incoloy overall length 4 retaining rin...

HTR0011 (Heater Immersion 480v 3ph 6kw TM-3X568)

HTR0012 (Heater Immersion 10,000W 240/480V 3phase 6-21-299-1)

HTR0013 (Die heater contactor #xtce025c10a 25amp #1735985)

Name *

HTR0014 (Die heater pressure gauge 2" 0-160 #3581000)

HTR0015 (Die heater lens gauge sk-series 2in. #4615854)

HTR0016 (Die heater gasket sk heater flange 4.5" od #3520005)

HTR0017 (Die heater o'ring 300 degree sk heater flange #5621852)

HTR0018 (Die heater pump as5 3/4hp 2/4/3/60 #6207000)

HTR0019 (Die heater pump adapter as5 #771853)

HTR0020 (Die heater motor 3/4hp 56j #4713400)

HTR0021 (Die heater thin jam nut 7/16-20 as5 #5481975)

HTR0022 (Die heater starter iec 2.5-4fla 230v #7411315)

HTR0023 (Die heater motor starter iec 1.6-2.5a #xtfc2p5bba #7411314)

HTR0024 (Die heater contact aux. kit #353xaaa for dp #1733456)

HTR0025 (Die heater pressure switch 6-30psi #3460k41 #7545005)

HTR0026 (Die heater transformer 9t58k0042 .050kva 230/460 #8240000)

HTR0027 (Die heater valve repair kit z style #eh-124 #8764939)

HTR0028 (Die heater valve "z" style avt with tank (bom #145) #8764954)

HTR0029 (Die heater valve drive kit (for 3/8 & 1/2" valves) #977700 #8764949)

HTR0030 (Die heater switch avt homing switch #5519000 #7529501)

HTR0031 (Die heater pressure relief valve 53l 1/2 150# #9060000)

HTR0032 (Die heater sensor probe)

HTR0033 (Die heater case gasket #3444150)

HTR0036 (Die heater motor with pump LE series s#105980)

HTR0040 (Die heater Sentra controller)

HTR0041 (Die heater Sentra display board)

HTR0068 (Heater blanket 1/2"x24"x50')

HTR0100 (Heater ceramic 3x9 650w 230v yellow FTE-650/230/240-Y)

HTR0102 (Heater ceramic 5"x5" 400w 230/240v yellow)

THE0001 (Thermocouple 5' armored lead type J 7800-A2-A3060)

THE0002 (Thermocouple 10' armored lead type J 1112-A2-120)

THE0003 (Thermocouple type k 3' leads 12" probe 1/8" dia.

THE0005 (Thermocouple plugs "K" type w/male pin type end yellow in color)

TNK0001 (Tank discharge for Advantage Sentra Temp Controller)

WRR0001 (Wire "K" type thermocouple s.s. overbraid solid 20GA)

WRR0016 (Wire high temp TGGT10AWG 600v 250c)

WRR0017-2 (Wire high temp. TGGT 16AWG 600v 250c)