CHN0001 (Chain diamond roller riveted 10' per box)

CHN0002 (Chain #40CL diamond connecting link)
CHN0003 (Chain #50CL diamond connecting link)
CHN0004 (Chain #40 OL diamond half link)

CHN0005 (Chain #50 OL diamond half link)

CHN0006 (Chain #60 OL diamond half link)

CHN0008 (Chain #50 riveted 2-1/2" pin centers 5" saddle centers 10' boxes)

CPL0001 (Coupler w/ buna insert L100X3/4"x1")

CPL0004 (Coupling 3pc used between oil pump and pump motor shaft for engage and disengage pump)

DRI0001 (Drive and components:  #08279616= MDX61B0055-5A3-4-00 Movidrive w/Encode...)

DRU0001 (Drum oil safe 3.0 quart)

FIL0001 (Filter S1 pleated, 20 micron, 9 3/4"L x 2 5/8" W)

HAN0002 (Handle round-grip pull with thrd holes alum., dull anodized fnsh, 4" ctr-to-ctr, 1 7/8" projection)

HEL0001 (Helicoil 1/4-20 kit #82116)

HEL0002 (Helicoil 3/8-16 kit #82120)

LID0001 (Lid oil safe utility light green)

LID0002 (Lid oil safe spout light green)

MOU0001   (Mount swivel leveling znc-pltd stl, w/pad, 5/8"-11 x 2"L, 4500# load)

MTR0001 (Motor SEW Eurodrive 5HP 60HZ 230YY/460Y voltage 3.6-21.6 RPM ES7S Encode...)

MTR0002 (Motor SEW Eurodrive 7.5HP 60HZ 230YY/460Y voltage 3.6-21.6 RPM ES7S Enco...)

OIL0005 (Oil diesel Shell Rotella T15-40 (5 Gallons))

Name *

PUL0001 (Pulsatron Kopkit PU-K4VHC9)

PAI0010 (Painters tool Hyde 6-IN-1)

PIN0002 (Pin 1/4x3/4 alloy dowel)

PIN0003 (Pin 1/8x3/4 alloy dowel)

PUM0008 (Pump Scot repair kit)

PUM0009 (Pump Scot case gasket)

RIN0100 (Ring internal retaining ring 1 3/4" #5000-175)

RIN0101 (Ring internal retaining ring 1 3/16" #5000-118)

RIN0102 (Ring spirolox RSN-250)

RIN0103 (Ring external spirolox RSN-200)

ROD0004 (Rod Threaded 1 1/4"-12 x 3' zinc)

RUL0001 (Ruler scale 36" aluminum straight J236)

RUL0002 (Ruler scale 48" aluminum straight J48)

SCR0001 (Screw 1/4-20x1 alloy socket head cap)

SCR0002 (Screw 1/4-20x1 1/4 alloy socket head cap)

SCR0003 (Screw 1/4-20x1 1/2 alloy socket cap)

SCR0004 (Screw 3/8-16x1 alloy socket head cap)

SCR0005 (Screw 3/8-16x1 1/4 alloy socket head cap)

SCR0006 (Screw 3/8-16x1 1/2 alloy socket head cap)

SCR0007 (Screw 1/2-13x1 alloy socket head cap)

SCR0008 (Screw 1/2-13x1 1/4 alloy socket head cap)

SCR0009 (Screw 1/2-13x1 1/2 alloy socket head cap)

SCR0010 (Screw 5/16-18x1 alloy socket head cap)

SOC0002 (Socket 1/2" drive 5/8" allen socket for impact 3"

SPR0003 (Spring Lamina 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" medium weight)

SPR0004 (Spring lamina 1/2" x 3 1/2" medium weight)

SPR0007 (Spring Lamina 1/2" x 5 1/2" blue with a white stripe)

TAG0001 (Tag #7 tyvek Yellow 100/pk S-5989Y 5 3/4")

TAG0002 (Tag tyvek Yellow #8 100/pk S-3553Y 6 1/4")

VAL0001 (Valve brake bleeder WIL-220-0627)

VAL0002 (Valve air single solenoid 2 position 4way 1/2" ports)