ABR0001 (Abrasive 3" disc roloc 60grit 3M brand)

ABR0004 (Abrasive resin fiber 4 1/2" quick change disc 36 grit)

ABR0006 (Abrasive grinding wheel general purpose 4 1/2" x 1/4" type 27 max rpm 13,300)

ABR0008 (Abrasive wheel de-burring medium grit 3M 8x1x3)

BAT0001 (Battery 9V Eveready Alkaline)

BIT0001 (Bit power 2" long T25)

BIT0002 (Bit router 1/4" x 3 1/4"overall 1" cutting length)

BIT0008 (Bit step drill 1/8"-1/2" cle-line)

BIT0010 (Bit step drill 1/4"-3/4" cle-line)

BLA0001 (Blades band saw FB-19FTx3/4" .032 8 raker flex back)

BLA0004 (Blade deburring shaviv B20)

BLA0005 (Blade deburring shaviv HSS B10)

BOL0001 (Bolt ring-pull spring-loaded slide zinc-plated steel, 2"H x 1 5/8"W)

BOL0002 (Bolt 1/2-13x4 HCS GR5 ZP)

BOL0003 (Bolt 1/2-13x3 1/2 HCS GR5 ZP)

BOL0004 (Bolt 1/2-13x2 1/2 HCS GR5 ZP)

BOL0005 (Bolt 3/8-16x1 HCS GR5 ZP)

BOL0006 (Bolt 5/16-18X1 HCS GR5 ZP)

BOL0007 (Bolt 1/4-20x3/4 HCS GR5 ZP)

BOL0008 (Bolt shoulder socket 1/2x6 (3/8-16 thd))

BRO0001 (Broom 36" with brace and handle)

BRO0002 (Broom hand medium sweep upright)

BRU0001 (Brush wire cup brush 1 3/4" round 1/4" stem 4500 max rpm .0118 wire size)

CHA0001 (Channel stainless steel strut, 13/16" x 1 5/8" 14GA, type 304 10' length w/ slotted holes)

CLE0010 (Cleaner Lime Go Green industrial cleaner)

DIS0001 (Dispenser hand stretch wrap pistol grip 15"-20" roll width)

DIS0002 (Dispenser stretch film 2"-5" hand held w/ adj. brake)

DRV0001 (Driver square head #2x4" HX0245)

DRY0001 (Dry floor 40lb bags #2273963)

END0001 (End mills 1/2" 3 flute high speed steel non-coated double end)

END0002 (End mill 9/16" 3 flute high speed steel non-coated double end)

END0003 (End mill 3/4" 3 flute high speed steel non-coated double end)

END0004 (End mill 3/8" 3 flute high speed steel non-coated double end)

FTG0001 (Fitting 1/8 coupling black pipe)

FTG0002 (Fitting 1/4 close nipple black pipe)

FTG0003 (Fitting 3/8x1/8 black hex bushing steel)

FTG0004 (Fitting 1/2x1/4 hex bushing black steel)

FTG0005 (Fitting 1/4x2 nipple pipe)

FTG0006 (Fitting 1/4x4 nipple pipe)

FTG0007 (Fitting 1/4 black male 90 degree elbow)

FTG0008 (Fitting 3/8x1/4 black male reducer)

FTG0009 (Fitting 1/2 black tee)

FTG0010 (Fitting 1/2xclose std black nipple)

GRE0001 (Grease red tube 14oz Wolf's Head)

LAB0001 (Label printer nylon cloth 3/4"x16' M21-750-499)

LEV0001 (Level 48" walnut/maple with clear vials)

NOK0001 (Nok out odor eliminator 4oz pump spray)

NOK0002 (Nok out carpet shampoo and spot remover 16oz spray)

NOK0003 (Nok out odor eliminator 16oz spray)

NOK0004 (Nok out odor eliminator 32oz spray)

Name *

NOK0005 (Nok out odor eliminator 1 gallon jug)

NOS0005 (Nose cone aluminum with 1/4npt in flat face)

NUT0010 (Nut hex 1/4-20 grade 5 zinc)

NUT0011 (Nut hex 5/16-18 Stainless Steel)

OIL0001 (Oil hydraulic A32 5-gallon pail)

OIL0002 (Oil hydraulic A46 5-gallon pail)

PAI0001 Paint marker color white

PAI0002 Paint marker color red 1 ea

PAI0003 Paint marker color black

PAI0004 Paint marker color yellow

PAI0005 Paint marker color blue

RIV0001 (Rivet pop 3/16"dia.x1/4 grip aluminum AD64ABSLF)

RIV0002 (Rivet 3/16"dia.x1/4" grip aluminum #ADALF64)

RIV0010 (Rivet gun nosepiece 1/8" #PRN-414)

RIV0011 (Rivet gun nose housing PRG511-052)

RIV0012 (Rivet gun jaw guide PRH820-11A)

RIV0013 (Rivet gun jaws PRG402-8A)

RIV0014 (Rivet gun jaw pusher PRG520-33)

RIV0015 (Rivet gun jaw pusher spring tube PRG511-010)

RIV0016 (Rivet gun jaw pusher spring PRG510-123)

RIV0017 (Rivet gun pulling head adaptor PRG511-022)

RIV0018 (Rivet gun valve ring seal retainer PRG510-122)

RIV0019 (Rivet gun bell crank bushing-outer PRG510-46)

RIV0020 (Rivet gun pulling head PRG510-48)

RIV0021 (Rivet gun mandrel tube for 511 tool  PRG511-050)

RIV0022 (Rivet gun mandrel guide tube PRG511-051)

RIV0030 (Rivet gun o-ring 1/16x11/16x13/16 #P722)

RIV0031 (Rivet gun back-up ring MS28774-017 #P860)

RIV0032 (Rivet gun head piston #743B3)

RIV0033 (Rivet gun o-ring 3/32x1 3/16x1 3/8 #P877)

RIV0034 (Rivet gun back-up ring MS28774-123 #P878)

RIV0035 (Rivet gun o-ring 1/16x1 1/4x1 3/8 #P553)

RIV0036 (Rivet gun o-ring 1/16x 3/8x 1/2 #P112)

RIV0037 (Rivet gun seal tube #703A5)

RIV0038 (Rivet gun retaining ring truarc 5100-37 #P109)

RIV0039 (Rivet gun o-ring disogrin 9250-010 (no subs) #P832)

RIV0040 (Rivet gun gasket #700A22)

RIV0041 (Rivet gun trigger assembly (includes P223) #703A33)

RIV0042 (Rivet gun o-ring 1/16x 5/32 x 9/32 #P223)

RIV0043 (Rivet gun complete pulling head parts #H743A-8Z)

ROU0001 (Hand Router CP860)

SOA0001 Soapstone round 1 Per Pack

SOA0002 Soapstone round holder 1 ea

SOA0003 Soapstone square 144pcs per pack 1 Per Pack

SOA0004 Soapstone holder flat/square

STR0001 (Stretch Wrap 20"x5000' 80GA)

STR0002 (Stretch hand wrap 18"x1500' 70GA)

STR0005 (Stretch tape roll 5" x 1000' 80ga (12 rolls)

STR0014 (Strapping steel 3/4" x .020 (1750#))

TAG0001 (Tag #7 tyvek Yellow 100/pk S-5989Y 5 3/4"x2 7/8")

TAG0002 (Tag tyvek Yellow #8 100/pk S-3553Y  6 1/4"x3 18")

TAP0001 (Tape packaging utility grade 1.8mil 2"x110yds 36 rolls /case)

TAP0003 (Tape gun for 2" packaging tape)

TAP0004 (Tape duct 2" 9mil 54m)

TAP0009 (Tap 1/8-27 npt pipe tap taper high speed steel)

TAP0010 (Tap 1/4"-20 hi-vanadium cobalt steel)

TAP0011 (Tap 5/16"-18  hi-vanadium cobalt steel)

TAP0012 (Tap 3/8"-16 hi-vanadium cobalt steel)

TAP0013 (Tap 7/16"-14 hi-vanadium cobalt steel)

TAP0014 (Tap 1/2"-13 hi-vanadium cobalt steel)

TAP0015 (Tap 1/2-14 npt pipe tap taper high speed steel)

TAP0017 (Tap 1 1/8"-12 hand taper tap super high speed steel)

TAP0020 Tap socket set 8pcs #70500 Lisle

WAS0001 (Washer 3/16"i.d.x1/2"o.d. aluminum washer #W-FW1040 used with rivets)

WAS0005 (Washer 1/4 lock washer zinc plated)

WAS0100 (Washer shim 2.00 x 2.75 x .010)

WAS0101 (Washer shim 1.00 x 1.50 x .010)

WEL0001 Welding helmet auto darkening shade#11 3.7"x1.34" viewing area